Saturday, April 4, 2009

Read The Small Print!

Alright, so the world is going crazy with the whole recession that's going on. I always have been on the look-out for deals or budget friendly fun in the past, even before entering this trying time. My co-worker sometimes even laughs at me for my "dutchness". You may wonder what I mean by that so let me explain. Have you ever heard the joke about how copper wire was invented? Well, its been said that copper wire was invented by two Dutchman fighting over a penny. LOL.
In my frugalness, I've been collecting free movie pass coupons on Cheerio boxes for the past while. My intent was to collect four of them so that our whole family could catch a movie for FREE! I finally got enough and planned for an incredibly low budget family night out. Dinner at McDonald' followed by the new Monster VS Alien movie. I figured that by the time all was said and done it would cost us only twenty-five bucks for a whole night out!
Wrong! The lesson I learned once I got to the theatre was that I should have read the fine print on those wonderful "Free Movie Coupons." The movie attendant politely pointed out that the movie passes were valid Sunday thru Thursday. Not Friday night!
So I made a quick decision to purchase two tickets for Jeremy and Ivan to go see the new Fast and Furious movie that all three of us adults really wanted to go see. I figured that since we now had to pay for our passes they may as well see a movie they really wanted to see. I took one for the team and purchased two tickets to the new animated 3D Monster VS Alien movie. Someone had to sit through it with Cayden. There were no arguments from Jeremy and Ivan. I actually enjoyed the movie. I especially enjoyed watching Cayden enjoy the movie.

Yep, valid Sunday Thru Thursday

Monster Vs Alien

Fast and Furious

At the end of it all it was a great night out. We all enjoyed that entertainment. Good thing Jeremy and I both still have jobs to fund these nights out!

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