Saturday, April 11, 2009

The McEachern Family's First Pet!

Seven years of marriage, and we finally have our first pet. It is a beautiful Beta fish with two names. At any given minute you can call it 'Ivan' or 'Jacob'. Both of whom are living people. One Cayden calls his 'Big Brother' and the other he calls his 'Best Friend'.
Why a fish you might ask? LOW MAINTENANCE!!... At least I'm told.
If you drove down Yale Road this afternoon you might have seen a mom, little boy, and a fish in a bag walking along. When we got home he insisted that we show his friends Brayden, to the West of us, and then Seth, to the East of us. I was trying to hurry him along and he told me to slow down or his fish would have a heart attack! Funny that he should say that, since I told him in the car not to shake the bag or he would give his fish a heart attack. Goes to show you that he does hear me although I often wonder.
Cayden then insisted that his fish needed to have a friend. I had to teach him the sad reality of Beta Fish. Beta Fish are a type of fish that will eat other fish. Even fish of their own type. Funny, he didn`t find that strange or sad.
This reminds me of one of my favorite and memorable gifts I have ever received. It was a Beta Fish that I had received from my dad as a child for my birthday. My younger brother had his birthday on the same day and he also received a Beta Fish. We put them in our fish tank and took good care of them. Every time we looked at them it appeared that their tales were getting shorter. Then one day we could only find one fish. Well, I guess the salesperson at the pet store forgot to give my dad a lesson on why NOT to purchase two Beta Fish!

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