Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let The Creativity Begin!

One of my excuses for not scrapbooking at home was that I didn’t have a very good space to feel creative in.  I finally decided to convert an unused bedroom into a light and airy office space.

I set out to do the best job I could on a minimal budget. So I re-purposed items from other areas of the house.  I made my own memory boards that make an unique wall decor item.  I also re-purposed someone else's old rocking-chair.  It was a very inexpensive garage sale item that I repainted and gave it new life.

I love the word re-purposed.  It is currently a word that is often used on many home decor shows.  It seems that many people are making a conscious effort to “Go Green” and are re-using other peoples cast-offs in a new way.  There are many new shows on HGTV that are purely dedicated to re-decorating in a Green way, and one of the biggest ways to do this is by changing something you already own, or using an item that someone else no longer need.

I will have to admit, I love my new completed office.  I will also have to admit, I haven’t done any scrapbooking in it yet.  For the past months I could use the excuse that it was too nice outdoors.  That excuse will no longer be acceptable as we enter these wet, cold and dark months ahead.

What word could be better in a space made for creativity

2009 10 03_0458

This was originally a plain cork-board that I painted white.  It is also magnetic if you can believe it.2009 10 03_0462

The perfect storage unit find at Ikea, along with a new very large desk for scrapbooking on.

2009 10 03_0465

I try not to clutter my open shelving unit.  My comfortable “new” rocking chair sits in the corner where I sometimes read to Cayden.

2009 10 03_0463


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