Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can I Do Homework?

This year Cayden has been going to Kindergarten and he is absolutely loving it.  He thinks that its not fair that Ivan gets to go to school five days a week and Cayden only gets to go two or three days a week.  Cayden announced that he should go to school, “Six Times!”

The other day I thought that maybe he should maybe do some practicing of the letters he has learned in school.  So far he has learned the letters ‘S’ for ‘snake’ and ‘B’ for ‘ball’.  So,  I got out a piece of paper and drew some lines. At the beginning of each line I wrote the letter he was to practice printing.  He was to copy the letter 10 times and then work on the next letter.

He loved doing this ‘homework’. He was focused and let out a little cheer for himself when he did a letter really well.  He enjoyed it so much that the next night he informed me that he needed to do homework again.  He said, “I need to do homework everyday!”.  Of course I was quick to agree.  So, off he went to get his pencil and another sheet of paper.  This time we thought he should work on learning the letters of his name.  (It’s interesting that he doesn’t know how to write his name very well, but he has no problems writing Ivan’s name).

It’ll be interesting how long his interest in doing “homework” will last.  We’ll keep it simple and fun in the hopes that he’ll enjoy it for as long as possible.  You never know, he could turn out to be a super-studious-student!  I do have to admit that he shows signs that this will be highly unlikely and I'm perfectly OK with that.  I myself was never super-studious, and I turned out alright. In my opinion at least.

2009 10 17_0474  Super focused on his homework

2009 10 17_0476


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