Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I’m Thankful For…

Last year around this time, children of all ages were videoed announcing what they were thankful for.  The completed video was then presented on the Big Screen at church.  We all ‘awwwwed’ as one by one we heard children say they were thankful for: mommy’s, daddy’s, God, food, shelter, Sunday School and many other important things that we all have been blessed with.

Then came a blast of thanks from a little 3 year old who when asked what he was thankful for.  His quick  response  was, “Dinosouars!”. 


Everyone laughed. I felt some shame as I thought to myself, “Haven’t I taught him what is important to be thankful for, and what is not?” Of course, our son Cayden, would be the little clown.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada.  As I was settling Cayden into bed, I’d thought I’d see what he was thankful for this year.  Hoping of course that I’d hear something like, “mommy or daddy or God.  Instead, his quick response was, “Hot wheels!”


I guess  we are really going to have to work on this for next year.  I’m really hoping that I’ll get a better response than that he is grateful his newest favourite toy at the time!


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