Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I’m Praying For Your Pictures Mommy!

I really cannot believe that it has been over two months since I’ve written.  On most days I thought to myself, “I really have to write about….”  But, due to a fairly steady flow of technical computer difficulties, I could only think to myself, “I really have to write about….”

At one point, in the flow of technical difficulties, I had quite a scare.  One that revolves around believing that every photo one has, has disappeared into cyberspace.  Seriously. 

I was already struggling with cleaning up my desktop computer and was trying to get everything back in order.  My in-house techie decided that he should re-format my computer.  So, being as computer naive as I am, I told him to go ahead and do what was needed to finally get back in computer action.

A few minutes later, he comes out my office and asks, “where did you back-up your photos” ?    WHAT? BACK-UP MY PHOTOS?  No, I didn’t do any such thing! 

Cayden, who was already in bed but not asleep, must have sensed my on-coming stress attack at the thought of losing all my photos.  Everything from the past five years. ALL MY PHOTOS.  I guess he must have seen me bang my head on his bedroom door frame and heard my moan as I banged my head a second time. Because, from his bed  he shouts out, “TRUST IN GOD!”.  Then follows up with, “I’M PRAYING FOR YOUR PICTURES MOMMY!”

Although I was still spiraling downward at the thought that all my photos were gone, I really had no choice but to grin.  Thankfully it was only a few minutes later that Ivan came to tell me, with relief on his face, that my photos had been found.

I quickly informed Cayden that his “praying my pictures” had worked.  I have since gotten wise and have purchased an external hard-drive to ensure my pictures are safe.  I never want to experience that feeling again.




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