Monday, November 7, 2011

Peyton’s Sweet Shoppe Birthday

Our sweet little girl has turned 1! What a fantastic first year of life it has been.  We threw a Sweet Shoppe birthday party in her honor.  She may never remember the event,  but I will never forget it. 

I threw myself into creativity as I planned for this party in my mind for at least a month.  The time finally came for me to put my vision into an actual event to be enjoyed by family and friends. 

I even thought to myself a few times over, “Why am I doing this?  She won’t even remember”.  For which I would remind myself that I would remember and would have pictures to share with her one day.

I made Pom Pom’s, inspired by Martha Stewart, pin-wheels, candy cones, cake pops, marshmallow pops, giant cupcake, mini cupcakes, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, many appetizers and the icing on the cake… The Cake. 

The one I wanted to make, but feared it also.  I debated over and over whether I would tackle the cake, as I have only ever made one challenging cake for my mom’s past birthday.

I tried to enlist a friend who was experienced to help me but something came up so I was all on my own.  I finally gathered up the courage. Got the ingredients together for a chocolate cake with a ganache filling and Butter Cream icing.   Decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant.  It was quite  a process, but a truly rewarding feeling when I finally got to put it in the middle of the table, high above all the other treats. 

One of the things I will remember was how encouraging and complimentary Cayden was through it all.  He’d appear from playing, see something new that was hanging or created and say, “Good job mom.  That looks really good.”  Over and over through the day as I was decorating and creating all the yummy.

I was telling Cayden about how nervous I was in putting the finishing touch, the Fondant, on the cake.  He says, “You can do it. I believe in you.”  Wow!  What a sweet heart.  The praise and encouragement were music to my ears. 

Peyton had a great time.  She loved all the attention of her guests as well as her presents and cake.  The kids all had a great time as they hovered the treats table and moved on to the sweets table with many happy returns.  Yes,  I sent them all home with glee, hopped up on sugar:) 

Thanks to all our dear friends and family who helped us celebrate our little Blessing, Peyton.

Happy 1st Birthday to our little peanut!

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