Monday, November 14, 2011

Remembering The Firsts

Jabbering out of my view was Peyton.  The tone of her jabbering came to a change, so off I was in search of what she might be into. I came to find her attempting and, after a few tries, succeeding in climbing her first step of the staircase.

As I came to see what her excitement was. Followed by a look on her face of ‘oh oh, now what?’  I  quickly went to get my camera to snap a picture of this ‘first’,  but not before I warned her to be careful and not fall, of course.




As I snapped pictures and celebrated her ‘first’,  my thoughts shifted to the death of Dylan Reichelt.  An 18 year old boy who had many firsts, but will have no more.  I think of how Aunty Kathy and Bill will mourn for the loss of Dylan and how difficult it is for them to know that he will have no more ‘firsts’ to celebrate.

I think of my ‘last’ memory of Dylan.  Only a few short weeks ago when he let Cayden drag him from one activity to another when he and his family came out for dinner.  After a few hours of Dylans patience with tours led by Cayden of chickens, goats, trampoline, his room, Lego and XBox. Cayden loved having big cousins like Jesse and Dylan.

I finally was able to tell Dylan it was Ok for him to sit down with us and enjoy conversation and desert with the adults. I still remember the look of appreciation by the invite to the ‘big peoples table’, although he never complained.


Dylan will be missed terribly by his family.  His ‘firsts’ and his ‘lasts’ will always be remembered.  It is a reminder to me to enjoy every minute of my children's lives and record every memory I can.


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