Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Year Gone By

If you would have asked me fifteen years ago about what I thought about being thirty-six, I would have said, “old”.   Now, here I am just turning thirty-six.  Ask me now of what I think of twenty-one years old, I would say, “young”. 

It’s all really a matter of perspective.  I love life. I don’t feel old or young.  I feel just right.  As a matter of fact, if I could choose a ‘forever age’ I think thirty-six just might be it. 

A week prior, Jeremy asked as he does every year what I would like for my birthday.  He got the usual answer, ‘nothing.’  This is not what he likes to hear. But the reality is that when I need or want something, I think about it, then buy it.  So, other than some really expensive things, I really don’t know what to suggest he buy me.

I thought about it some more and realized it really wasn’t fair that I didn’t give him the opportunity to shop for something for my birthday, so I gave him one thing I could use.  Then I thought some more and added another thing.  Thought some more, and added another thing.  It wasn’t long before he really did have a list he can choose from.

My birthday arrived.  Flowers were delivered.  Not on my list, but were appreciated anyways.  The funny thing is, nothing on my list arrived on my birthday.  But that was completely OK.  I was pleasantly surprised with a gift certificate to Undines Spa and Retreat. 

A retreat it certainly was.  As I sat in the comfy recliner chair, wrapped in a nice soft blanket, and my feet being treated to some pampering, I felt very dreamy, sleepy and wonderful. 

I look forward to what might come this upcoming year.  Hoping it is as good as the last!



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