Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One ‘Hairy’ Situation

I was given the gift of treating myself to a lovely hour of bliss at Undines.  In anticipation, I thought that I had better shave my ‘winter’ layer as I figured that by receiving a pedicure it would be highly likely that I my legs would be revealed. 

So, off to the Spa I went.  Light in my step at the thought of enjoying time with quiet and thinking time.  I sat down in the comfy recliner chair.  Was handed a soft blanket and a cup of tea.  A nice soaking tub was placed in front of my be my masseuse.  My pant legs were rolled up.  My feet were ready for a nice relaxing soak and some pampering.

At this moment, some would die of embarrassment.  Me… I could only laugh.  One leg shaved.  One leg not.  Chalk it up for another good story:)



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