Thursday, November 10, 2011

“I Cried Today Mom”

Today was the day that Cayden came to understand why “We Remember” on November 11. The first thing he announced when he got home was, “I cried today, mom.  It was so sad.  The movie was so sad.  People died and I cried!”

I wasn’t quite certain what he was talking about. Then he shared with me about his school’s Remembrance Day Assembly.

During the school Remembrance Day assembly he and his classmates sang the song “Hearts Around The World”.  They also watched a short film showing some clips of the  wounded, soldiers and war. It was the film that pulled at Cayden’s heart strings.  He came to a real understanding of the war, the soldiers and remembering the fallen. 

Hearts Around The World

Hearts around the world.
Hearts beating as one
Hearts around the world
Will show the way

Pray for the peace of a distant land
Share in the hope that we’ll understand,
With our heart and soul we will reach the goal
of hearts around the world.

Peace good will t’ward men
Hearts around the world
Will sing as one
Everyone giving the world to see

Everyone living in harmony
Singing one by one
We have just begun
With hearts around the world

Hearts beating as one
Hearts around the world
Will show the way for lasting peace on earth
Of peace on earth



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