Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Cake Discovery

I have never been a cake connoisseur.  If I need a cake, I purchase an ice-cream cake or a Bakery cake.  On demand.  Super easy.  A little pricey maybe and not very original. 

I am currently being a little over-ambitious in my planning of Peyton’s 1st birthday.  On top of all the other fun and new things I am working on to make this a great birthday bash, I have added making a cake from scratch to the list.  Not only making the cake from scratch, but also making the marshmallow fondant myself.  I have been eying up all those beautiful fondant cakes that seem to be the rage and  want to challenge myself by giving it a whirl myself. 

In making this cake, I have discovered that there is a reason that purchasing pre-made cakes cost a lot.  They take a lot of time and a lot of ingredients.  I am currently on stage 3 of 4 in making this cake and am enjoying it so far.  My guess is that if the cake looks and tastes fabulous I will likely attempt this time-consuming creative process again.  Only a couple more days and we will find out:) 


This is not the cake I am attempting.  But maybe one day?


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