Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When You Want To Save Money...

When your on a budget, I highly recommend one thing. If you manage to follow this one recommendation, I guarantee you will save money. I speak from personal experience. Not only will you save money on gas, you will also save money on your purchases. What is this secret "one thing", you ask. Here's the secret. When your heading Westbound on highway 1 out of Chilliwack, keep yours eyes on the exit signs. When you come to the Whatcom Road exit sign, take the off ramp. At the top of the ramp, turn left. Go over the bridge deck and immediately turn left again. Now you should be heading Eastbound, back to Chilliwack.
If you follow these directions, you will bypass all those wonderful stores in Abbotsford where it is easy to take your wallet out many times over and spend money. You can avoid Costco, Home Sense, Winners, Home Depot, Micheal's, and Waalmart. Trust me, I know from personal experience how easy it is t spend money in this town. On another note, what a gorgeous day! After a busy day I managed to make it once again to the soccer field well ahead of most other players. You may be thinking, "whoopee". But my teammates know how amazing this is. Last season I was lucky to make it to the field at the start of the game, often even a few minutes late. My teammates all keep thinking that they are hallucinating when they show up to the game and I'm already there. I like this new leaf. I think I'll continue to work on this timeliness. It sure is nice not to be rushing onto the field.
Off to the soccer game with a cool drink in one hand, and a lunch bag full a sharing treats for all the other kid fans watching their moms running up and down the field chasing a round ball.

Hoping for a better finish at the end of next game! Definitely not one of our best efforts.

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