Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'We Are Trying To Get Warm!'

What a treat it was for Cayden to have his cousin JJ have a sleep-over and hang out. They don't see each other often but you wouldn't know it if you had seen them together. I was a little surprised to see that other boys can make as much noise as Cayden. It was actually quite nice. He isn't the only loud one!

We did so much running around from store to store, but this time it was so easy! Even with the extra child. I think I'd much rather take these two together on an errand run than just Cayden alone. They amused each other the whole time and did not stop talking.

After the whole morning we finally made it home. They had some swimming time in a very cold pool. Cayden and JJ were a little cold so they decided to 'warm up' by sitting under the window with the exhaust hose from our air conditioner that was 'cooling down' the inside of our home. I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.

What a great day. Cayden is wishing that his 'best friend' could have ten sleep-overs. The sad thing is that in a few short months JJ will be moving out to the Philippines to start a new adventure with his family. I guess we'll just have to fly out there and have ten sleep-overs at there new home!

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