Monday, June 8, 2009

9 Days And Still Alive!

A few months back, Cayden got his first pet. A fish with a new name every few hours. He loved this fish. He'd make regular visits and chat with his fish. I was quite impressed by how much he enjoyed it. Well, unfortunately this little fish with many names went to "fish heaven" only 1 week later. Cayden bawled when I broke the bad news. After a whole week of his pestering for another fish, we finally set out to the new pet store in town.
I let Cayden choose his fish and off we went home fish in hand. This fish was lucky enough to obtain the name 'Piper'. Jeremy, Cayden and I spent much of that afternoon outside and 'Piper' familiarized himself with his new home. A few hours later, Cayden asked to go inside to see his fish. I told him that it would be okay and reminded him not to put his hands into the fish tank. A little later, I thought that it was time to check up on him. It had been a little too quiet. And you know what that means... I found Cayden with his hands in the tank and water everywhere. Not only this, but bubbles in the fish tank! Poor little Piper was struggling for clean water to get some oxygen, but there was none to be had. Needless to say, a few hours later poor little Piper joined Cayden's first fish in 'fish heaven'. I have to say that I do have some regrets at how angry I had gotten at Cayden when I found him "cleaning the fish tank".
After this fish episode, Cayden had to really earn his next fish. A month of waiting and once again we were off to the pet store to make yet another fish purchase. This time he chose a yellow Beta fish. Even before he picked his fish out, he'd had a new name picked out. 'Goldi' has now been in our home longer than the previous fish. Here's to a long and happy life with our new fish. Three's a Charm, right?

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