Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Barbeque Time

For the past three summers I had full intentions of upgrading our barbeque to a sleek, large, stainless steel barbeque. One on which I would attempt to prepare a feast for family and friends. A few weeks ago we finally made it happen. Jeremy and I decided to treat each other to a practical Mothers Day and Fathers Day gift. We finally came to a mutual agreement on a Broil King Stainless Steel barbeque from the Home Depot. What a test of patience that purchase was!
Home Depot had a special offer one weekend where they would throw in free assembly. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it would be a good idea to make the purchase at this time. It took almost an hour to make the initial purchase. Seems they only keep one person on staff in the seasonal department, even when there are ten people trying to purchase barbeques. I finally completed the sale and was told to come back to pick-up our purchase later that week.
I went back to pick it up, only to find out after another 1/2 hour wait, that they had built the wrong one. As patient and polite as I am, I waited patiently for another 1/2 week and again made the trip to Abbotsford to pick the barbeque up. Well, lo' and behold, they did not have one waiting for me to pick up. Again, as patient and polite as I am, I politely told the clerk that I would not be able to go home empty handed this time. So I ended up taking a slightly dented floor model home.
Another 1/2 hour later they finally managed to round up a staff member to help me load the very large item into my truck. Yes, they found one person. And he was a small, not very strong one at that. He managed to drop his end, do a little more damage to the barbeque and I was rescued by a very nice gentleman in the parking lot who offered to assist me in loading up the monstrosity.
I finally managed to get the purchase home. It has been everything I had hoped. Already I've managed to make some very impressive meals on it. I even managed to make a stir fry meal!
Tonight was probably my most original dinner yet. I found this recipe in The Weber Barbeque Recipe Book. Wow, was it ever good. Two thumbs up for this one and hopefully many more.

Chicken Involtini with Proscuitto and Basil

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