Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Peyton Turns 3

Our dear little girl has officially left the my favorite stage of life and become a 'big girl'.  So sad for me as a mom.  I know that every age has it's perks but that still doesn't mean I'm ready for this.

Peyton is such a bright little child.  From the early age of 2, she was talking, counting, and had her ABC's down pat.  She knows how to make people laugh.  At almost everything she does.  Almost everyday I wish that her life could be recorded on video.  I know that just watching the replay's would become everyone's favorite thing.

She loves to play. On her own or with her friends.  I love that Peyton plays with both Barbies and Hot Wheels.  She's really is a girl after my own heart.  She also really loves to go to 'school' with Anna.  She often found singing and dancing around rooms and in coffee shops with no worries, making up the words along the way.  They songs never really make any sense, but it never matters because it is so enjoyable to watch her in her happy place.

We sure are enjoying everything about our precious little Peyton and am so looking forward to many more years of her filling our lives with joy. 

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