Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Night Of Jelly Bellies And Fairies

It was such a nice evening to be out walking the streets of Ford Creek tonight with friends.  Scrambling the streets and going from door to door asking for candy this one night each year. Meeting many families and friends enjoying to same fun activity.

I think for days I'm going to hear "Knock knock, Trick or Treat!" going round and round in my head in the sweet sing-song voice of Peyton and Maelle.   It was the cutest thing to watch these two little cuties run from door to door squealing in excitement.  It took a few doors for Peyton to realize that it no one was going to take her precious candy.  

Cayden had his own fun running through the neighbourhood with a group of jelly bellies.  They looked fantastic thanks to Cindy's creativity:)  

A few hours later, belly's and bag's full of candy and tons of laughter and fun, it was time to say goodnight.  Just another fantastic night of memory making good times.

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