Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lesson About Force Fields

I took an opportunity to share with Cayden some real life issues that are facing people we love while I was tucking him in for the night.  Floods in the Philippines.  Broken homes of close friends.  And sickness.  My wish wasn't to freak him out, but remind him of some realities of life and how Blessed we are with our lot in life.

In return, I got an education when his response was, "I wish there are such a thing as Force Fields."  Say what?  I had to ask what he meant as I had no clue.  His response that it was a bubble that protected us from the bad things in life.

Of course I took opportunity to remind him that God is our Force Field.  The difference was that sometimes it was His wish to not protect us so that we learn to rely on Him.  I just love these opportunities to open up about Faith and how truly Blessed we are.