Monday, November 11, 2013

Hockey Night In Chilliwack

 What a night it was for Cayden.  His first official hockey game of the season and the excitement of it has been building all season.  It was also the first game my dad, brother Cody, Hailey and Anna have seen of his, so the pressure was certainly on to perform.

Only a few shifts in and Cayden scores his first goal of the season.  I cheered and he cheered.  Wow, was I ever proud of him then.   The game shifted in favour of the other team quickly and by the end of the second period the other team was up 4-1.

Only minutes into the final period of the game, Cayden scores his second goal!  The first time he has ever scored more than one goal in a single game.  Again, I cheer and he cheers.  And then we were joined by our family, with Cody being the loudest.  Now I was even that much prouder.

The Panthers continues to score.  Then, they tie the game up.  Another rush down the ice for Cayden and he scores yet again!  His first ever Hat Trick!  What an accomplishment for our boy.  We were all so happy for him and couldn't believe that the Panthers went up on the Coyotes.  

The game was over and Cayden could hardly contain his excitement at his three goals.  He wasn't only proud of his first Hat Trick, but also for how loud he cheered.  What a game. I am so looking forward to the next game to cheer him on again.
Anxiously waiting to get on the ice. 
Took time to pose prior to the game with one of his fans, little sister Peyton.
Proudly supported by Opa, Anna, Peyton, Anna, Cody, Hailey, Jeremy and Nanna

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