Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Family Photo Dilemna's

The day for our family photo shoot with Jete from Urban Fig Photography is finally here!  I've been back and forth on 'The Location' for the perfect setting for our family.  Wow is it ever tough.  So many options and only one location to choose.

Do we go country?  Urban? Landscape?  My favorite pictures as of late are for certain something on the more modern side.  But, are they overdone?  Railway tracks are cool.  Bridges are also on my favorites list.  Also totally urban and eye catching is a graffiti filled location. But, seems to

If Jeremy had his way we would be leaning against a barn or a fence somewhere.  But I am certain he will like my choice at the end of the day.  The Maze has won my heart for this time around.  Hope that it's as good as I envisioned:)
Next on the list of things to envision is 'The outfit'.  Matching?  Bright?  Patterned?  Again, so many great options.  With a ton of thought, I've finally choses those too.  Bright has won my heart.  Seems like the perfect match with The Maze.

So looking forward to our first family photo shoot in over four years.

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