Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kentucky Lake Memories

We made our yearly trek up through the mountains to a destination known to few.   The few who know it, know they have found a little piece of heaven.  The place is Kentucky Lake.  A little piece of paradise here in our own part of our amazing country.

It is here the Elgersmas, Williams, and McEacherns go to cherish some quality family fun.  Free of cell- phones and internet.  The one time a year I go slightly off the grid.  Just slightly.  I did find a small pocket of cell-service the last night we were there:)

Some favorite memories for 2013:
     -an attempt for 5 boys to sleep in tents all alone-fail-all ended in trailers by 1:00am.
     -Anna's look of amazement at the beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains.
     -Peyton and Jess trading hats.
     -biking and more biking and even more biking of boys and girl.
     -Peyton's giggles of laughter at all 'Aunty Suzanne's' antics.
     -many walks with Peyton being the leader.  Didn't get anywhere fast, but that was the point.
     -lots of reading, conversation and plain old downtime.

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