Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vancouver Through My Camera Lens

There are 'firsts' that come along in life every so often.  And my trip to Vancouver yesterday marked a first.  Not the first time in Vancouver, but my first time wandering aimlessly for hours with only one task at hand.  Take pictures.  Lots of pictures.  Of people, places and things.

The day was perfect.  The weather and company was everything I could ask for.  No children along with many requests and demand for attention.  Just me, my camera and MWAC.

The point of the day was to step away from taking pictures of our families and all things familiar and step out of our comfort zone and bubble and take pictures with a whole different mindset.  We weren't looking so much for backlighting, smiles and all the normal things.  We instead looked for raw moments of people and things we didn't even know.

Five hundred pictures were snapped just on my camera alone!  Many I love, some I like and two hundred I immediately deleted.  Four hours later, I have my favourites all edited.

I look like I was the leader of the group.  Only because I forgot my shirt!


 This man asked us to take pictures of him while we were in Chinatown.

Just a picture of something out of place.

Such an amazing day weather-wise.

 Reflection again.

 Something out of place.

 The bus and train terminal on Main.

 I was asked to email the pictures I took of this man to him.

 We witnessed a few brides in front of this Catholic Church. 

 From the outside looking in. He was happy to have me take pictures of him. 


My practicing of panning.  Totally cool but could use some practice.

Alpahbet: O 

 Something bright.

Graffiti Alley.

 Everyone loved the pee smelling alley on Cambie.

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