Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Between The Rainstorms

The weather today was ridiculously unpredictable.  One moment the sky's above were clear and the sun poked out.  The next, the sky's opened up and we all scrambled for shelter, waiting for the next sunny break.

But no rainstorm was going to interrupt our fun today at the Maze!  Dodging rainstorms was just part of the fun.  

It's so fun to see people just cut loose and act youthful.  Cindy and Julie went a little crazy on the race track.  Of course they were trying to out-do each other as usual.  Even at the expense of the young drivers who got in the crazy ladies way. 

 I think Cindy really just needs to prove that she can be faster than Julie at something, given her bum knee isn't helping her on the field or the trails right now:)  As competitive as Julie is, she wasn't going to let Cindy pass her by on the race track either!  

What a great place to pass by some time.  The Maze has so many things for the whole family to enjoy.  Even when the Corn isn't grown.  We are looking forward to our next visit and more great fun.

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