Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today was day unlike most days. It was a day with zero plans or commitments. It doesn't happen very often and I found it rather strange. We decided to hit the road and see what would come our way. We set out with a bike, swimsuit, snacks and camera so as to be prepared. The camera was as per Caydens orders. He informed me that I needed to take the camera along to take pictures of him because 'I like pictures'.
Our first thought was to find a place with jumps, bumps and lots of dirt for Cayden to ride his bike. We were sadly dissapointed to not find the track that a friend had thought was located somewhere by the local Canadain Tire. Anyone with information of where such a track might be will have to let me know.
With a whole day ahead of us I decided to hit the highway and head in the direction of Langley. We made down to my favorite stores with-out a hitch. This was not the case for all the travellers atempting to head East out of Vancouver. Those poor travellers had numerous accidents in their path. One at 248th St. ( Traffic was stop and go all the way to 176th St!) One at Clearbrook Rd., Another one at Whatcom Rd. and even another serious one at Vedder Rd. We managed to scoot our way down many side roads to make good time getting back to Chilliwack.
The afternoon was still young so we had a nice afternoon in our very own back-yard sanctuary. Cayden dunked his head in the pool and styled his hair in a mohawk that he was very proud of. What a cutie. In perfect form he modeled his new hair for the camera.

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