Saturday, July 18, 2009

It was a summer Friday night in Downtown Chilliwack. For the past few years this meant something. It meant it was 'Party In The Park' at Central Park for families to enjoy. A main stage is set up for three live bands to perform every Party In The Park. As well as a Funzone for kids to have some play time. My son Cayden's favorite thing is the face painting done by the owner of Miss Muffets Toy Shop.

It is only for face painting that Cayden will stand for a whole hour patiently. That's not fair. He won't stand this long if it was for something I wanted! I have to say, It's worth the wait.

Another favorite is that after have a face painting, we head over to sit and listen to the music while Cayden and many other children dance and move in front of the stage. I think Cayden must have been catching a few episodes of 'So You Think You Can Dance'. He had the moves! I loved all his attempts at break dancing.

There is also a little market to browse. I got some good deals on some fresh produce and we all walked away with an ice cold pop and some Kettle Corn. Another favorite thing of mine is bumping into alot of people I know and having a quick catch up. It has been a growing event and well worth the trip even if you happen to live in the Sardis side.

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