Monday, August 29, 2016

My Boy, Jonah Turns 8

From the moment I met Jonah only a short two years ago, I fell in love with this little boy.   He has been such an incredible joyful addition to our family.  The first day we met, I saw resilience.  I saw spunk and lots of energy.  I saw trust in a better future.  I saw a little boy that had the biggest grin and a sparkle in his eyes.

 He finally turns 8 today.  Yes, I say finally because his birthday has been on his mind months before the big day has arrived.  His wish list as gotten really long and is ever changing with 'the hobby of the day.'

This morning I gave Jonah his morning hug and wished him a Happy Birthday.  I then ask how his sleep was last night.  His reply was that he had a great sleep because he had a really good dream.

So, I ask what his dream was about.  His response was that there was a beautiful butterfly.  And he was able to catch it.  And he has never caught a butterfly before, so it was super special.

Jonah, you are loved.  You are fun, loving and considerate.  You can frustrate me with your persistence and at the same time I admire that persistence.  Because this quality will make you very successful in reaching your goals.  Jonah, we love your helpfulness and how you know exactly when we need a hug from you. You are awesome!

We hope your 3rd grade at school is amazing.  And that your first class birthday is tons of fun!  Keep on enjoying the things of life.

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