Wednesday, July 13, 2016

West Coast Salsa- A 1st Airbnb Experience. No More Hoteling For Me!

Hours of travelling through some beautiful countryside and I finally arrived!  Oh, I should share that it was a very HOT drive!  5 minutes into the trip and my car was stuck blowing heat for the whole ride.  This was after a complete service was done.  So... I was definitely windblown and slightly overheated when my GPS brought me to the front door of my very first AirBnB experience.

The neighbourhood I was was staying in was absolutely gorgeous, and in a great location.  Only 3 round-about's outside of Old District.  The hub of Bend with 29 Craft Brewery's.  Sadly, I only had time to hang out at one of them:(  Definitely going back!

I walked up to the door and politely knocked on the door.  Only to hear a very energetic hostess call out for me to 'come on in.'  I walked right on in to a very homey, confortable and friendly home and was immediately offered whatever drink I fancied.  I was then quickly assured that in this house, BnB did not mean Bed and Breakfast.  But did mean Bed and Beverages.  LOL!

Forgetting  all my gear still in my car, and a launch party that I needed to be at in a few hours, I simply hung out at the Island and enjoyed conversation as if we had known each other for years.  It was crazy and so welcome since I had already spent 9 hours all on my own during the drive.  

Finally after a few hours of hanging out talking about Bend, hiking, breweries, investments, real estate and all kinds of other things I was reminded that I had some place to be.  I was having such a good time, I almost skipped the event.  Oh, and I even had a lesson in Salsa Dancing because Victoria is not only a realtor and AirBnB hostess but a dance instructor. 

The whole time I spent in Bend was definitely made that much more enjoyable by having a great place to stay.  I would recommend to everyone to give it a try.  Not only is it very affordable, but it makes for a very good experience.  

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