Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nine Hours Of Solo Windshield Time: Good For The Mind And Soul!

I have been waiting for this road trip for months!  The day finally arrived for my adventure to begin. All alone.  My car was packed.  Hugs and kisses given and off I went with anticipation of much fun, much learning and new relationships with like-minded individuals.

The drive started with the usual border crossing in Sumas.  It was when I was asked about the purpose and destination of my trip that I recalled the last time I told the Border Guards that I was going to Bend, Oregon.  That time it was a lie!

There was a reason for the lie, although, it wasn't really a good one.  I was taking Jeremy on a surprise trip to California.  He only knew that we were going on a trip, not the known destination.   So when asked where we were going, I didn't want to reveal our true destination this early in the trip. So with confidence I told the guard we were going to Bend, Oregon.  He gave me a very strange look and asked what would possibly take me to Bend in November.  My quick response was, 'Because I hear it's nice there in November.'  He then asked where we would be staying.  My response because I was truly drawing a blank was, 'A hotel that starts with a H.'  That did not go over too well, so inside we went for a passport check. I remained confident and Jeremy was horrified and sure we were going to be locked up!

Anyways, this time it was a breeze.  Summer is a great time to visit this beautiful town of Bend, so there were no more questions asked.  I hit the highways with the expectation of arriving in under 7 hours.  With that much time on the road I knew I had hours to catchup on saved podcasts and music for entertainment.

I didn't really relax and enjoy the ride for the first half of the drive.  I just wanted to get there!  When I finally realized that my trip was going to be 9 hours and not the 7 hours I thought it would be, I finally figured out  that I should just settle in and enjoy the scenery and quiet of the ride.

By settling into the drive I really found enjoyment in the experience.  I was reminded of my trucking days, over 16 years ago,  where solo trips into Oregon and Eastern Washington was what I did on a daily basis.  As I looked at my GPS attached to my windshield I had to chuckle because 'Back In The Day' I had to find my destinations with a plain old map-book!  I discovered on this trip that I would never trade a GPS for a map-book for a distance trip ever.

The hours alone allowed me  to just think about the areas of life going really well, those areas that could use more effort, and my purpose and direction.  I always share that I feel I am truly Blessed in life.  I work in a fantastic family business.   Mom to four kids who definitely keep things exciting.  Great friends and team-mates.  And a great church family as well as many other things that are going really well.  I especially have a great husband who took all four kids on out camping while I was away!  I am sure he found these past few days as therapeutic as I did:)

As much as these things are going very good, I had time to process that we are not simply to 'live a good life' but a life that shares the reality of our  Creator and our Purpose is to share the good news and do great things for others through service.

And so my solo windshield time went.  I recommend a road trip for everyone. It is truly a great way to assess and celebrate life.

By the way, I am not a singer. But with this much time on the road I do have to admit, I did sing out loud.  Just a little:)

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