Friday, January 15, 2016

Another Planned Trip To The Mountains Busted!

Crabby and disappointed at the last minute change of plans is how I started my day.  Not my normal mood that's for sure, but I felt fully justified to carry this bad attitude around.  

And here is what caused my adult meltdown. 

 I super excited for our annual girls weekend up to Elfin Hut. We really don't know why we put ourselves through the agony and exhaustion each year on this 11 km uphill climb with 45 pounds on our back and snowshoes on our feet.  

Well, maybe we do.  The crazy memories we make each year on this adventure calls our names year after year.  Stories, laughter and feeling of accomplishment is why we do this.  

We decided that we would make the best of today and take our snowshoe adventure to the nearby Windy Joe Trail in Manning Park.  I quickly popped into the nearest Tim Hortons drive thru to get some breakfast and a hot cup of coffee for the drive.  Still feeling a bit crabby, I made my way to the  drive thru window to make my payment.  My order was passed out the window and no payment was needed.  The nice lady in the Honda in front of me had paid for my order! 

Wow.  That was all I needed to get my 'head out of my butt' and accept that I needed to let go of my disappointment  and get excited for our next adventure.  In an instant I had a full reset and I was back to my easy-going self.  And that's the way it went all day.

The day was perfect!  Blue skies and clear highway.  We made it to the trail head in record time and got ourselves geared up to head uphill for the next long while.  The Windy Joe Trail is not a quick little walk in the park, we found out.  16 kilometres later, after a great variety of  conversations of inspirations, encouragements and all kind of randomness  we made it the round trip back to our vehicles.  Completely exhausted.  Completely proud of ourselves.  Completely fulfilled.

Yes, that really is a blue tooth in my ear!  I forgot it was there the whole time.  Made for some really terrible photos:(

To end it all, I barely made my way to the hot tub when I got home. 1/2 clothed I dropped myself in with a sigh of relief.  And got the pleasure to be joined by my girls.  Also, 1/2 clothed:)

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