Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cayden Turns 12 And We Celebrate Him!

Today is the day my oldest turns 12.    

Cayden has grown from little boy to a gentleman in the blink of an eye.  A mom can never be told too many times how polite and enjoyable her son is to have around.  I especially enjoy hearing this from store clerks who are sure to tell me how well-spoken my son is.  So much that they give him a 'staff discount' on his purchases!

Cayden, you are easy to love and extraordinary.  You have a wonderful sense of humour and are clever and witty.  You are exuberant and I love how you approach life with courage and confidence.  

You are kind. A nice kid and mostly treat others with respect and courtesy. (Your brother and sister may not always agree.)  You are easy going, a go-with-the-flow kid and a breath of fresh air.  

I love that you are comfortable in your skin and you like being you.  Even so much that you will wear pink and think you are cool.  And you kind of are, so no one will even tease you.  

Cayden, you are my adventuring buddy and I love our times together in the mountains and river valleys.  And I am so loving watching you grow into the awesome pre-teen you are.  

Best wishes to your next year of life!

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