Monday, May 4, 2015

Retreat From Everyday Chaos

This past weekend I took an opportunity to get off life's crazy train for just a short period of time.  And it was worth every minute of pre-planning kids pick-ups, drop-offs, food and all the other stuff mom's are responsible in our everyday life.  The time away at lakeside Kawkawa Lake Camp was absolutely amazing.

Imagine one hundred women taking part in camp-fire songs, Ga Ga Ball, Scavenger hunts, Kayaking, Hiking, Mission Impossible and shooting guns.  Ok, not every one took part in every activity.  But we all did sleep on those thin mattresses that had our poor womanly hips hitting the plywood on the beds. But hey, all part of the camp experience right? 

The speaker, Krista Penner, was outstanding.  She shared stories we could laugh at and relate to.  She was passionate about what she spoke to  us about.   One moment we were laughing and the next we may have had a tear in our eye. Much of the discussion and the theme of the weekend surrounded the topic of Legacy.  What is the Legacy we are leaving for our families and people around us?  

To top the weekend off, our outspoken leader Sarah shared something so... yikes.  I really don't even know how to describe it and I certainly will not be the person to repeat it. It was so random that it left many in shock and awe.  Jaws dropped and some really did fall out of chairs in laughter. All I can say is that what is shared at a women's retreat, stays at a women's retreat:)

Grateful is the word to describe how I feel.  Grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring and strong women.  And grateful for my family that lets me get away sometimes. 

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