Thursday, February 26, 2015

Elk Mountain Accomplished

Ever wanted to crawl back into bed after one of those very early Saturday morning hockey practices?  I mean really, it was still dark outside anyways. 

After kind of making plans to get my courage to try the Elk Mountain hike, I felt I just simply had to do it.  I didn't even line up a trail buddy just 'cause I wanted the option to back out if I simply wasn't feeling motivated enough.

But for whatever reason, I had this amazing sense of ambition.  So, before that ambition left, off I went.  Water, ear buds, phone and a carb loaded bagel to get me off to a good start.  I know many think it's simply crazy to go out on the trails alone.  But... I knew that it was highly likely there wouldn't be others this early morning also prepared to climb the mountain.  

And sure enough.  It was an Asian Invasion! A whole crew of people were preparing their packs and armed with walking sticks, ready to climb up to one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the Lower Mainland.  So,  just to feel like I was part of a crowd,  I set off with them.  See, I wasn't alone:)

But after slowly rounding a few corners, and I mean slowly, it was time to cut lose.  And off I went.  I am not sure what it was, but I was pumped to rock this climb.  And with Toby Mac music playing in my ears, I did rock it.  Right up to the top.

Only to discover: No View!  The clouds were all around me.  But, I truly did not care.  I still had a vision of the surrounding valley views in my head from the time I climbed this peak a few summers ago.  And with my heart pumping and my soul happy, I just imagined what was beyond the clouds.

After a few moments of peace, the peak started to get invaded by more climbers.  It was my cue to go.  And down the steep and slippery trail I went.  By the time I made it down to the bottom of the trail I had only lost one water-bottle over the side of the cliff and had mud half way up leg.  But all was awesome!  So looking forward to doing it again.  Very soon.  

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