Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cloudy With A Chance Of- Boring

Sitting in traffic on the # 1 Highway is never any fun. Especially on a gorgeous day that was meant for gardening or anything other type of outdoor activity.

My kids made the best of it. Cayden was testing Jonah in timed math quizzes and Peyton practiced writing her name. Or at least practiced the letters of her name. I'm not sure if she has quite got the concept of putting them in order yet. But whatever kept her amused was fine by me.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying listening to a Mark Clark Podcast about something of interest to stretch my mind just a little bit. The topic of Predestination vs Arminianism was more interesting than I thought and maybe a tad bit controversial for some.

Interestingly, the clouds in the sky caught my attention in a way they never have. I often look up to see if its grey and rainy or clear and sunny. But never does a cloud actually interest me.

This cloud reminded me of one that is often drawn in a good old Archie Comic. Round, fluffy, white and floating freely in the sky. I was so in awe of how beautiful that I had to share my enthusiasm. So I told Peyton to look at the most amazing and beautiful cloud outside!

Her response. 'Mom. That's boring.'

Wow. Was I disappointed by my my little 4 year olds lack of enthusiasm. But then again... I've never really been all that interested either I suppose.

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