Thursday, May 7, 2015

These Chicks Get Wings

It wouldn't be Spring Soccer without a few post-game wing nights at the local pub.  And after getting almost half way through the season, we finally made our first night out happen.

The players sitting around the table enjoying a drink and plate of amazingly tasty wings looks just a little bit different every year.  Yeah, I know we get older every year:)   But it's not the only thing that changes.

Every season our team loses some great teammates.  And every season we gain some new ones.  The great thing about becoming a 'Chicks That Kick' team member, is that you never fully get let go of by the team. We have had some amazing women be part of our circle of friends but unfortunately 'life' gets in the way. Some ladies move.  Some get hurt.  And some simply can no longer juggle the activities of the other family busyness.  And that's just the way life is.

So, when we sit around the table with new teammates and old, we often share stories and laugh at all those great memories of times past. Some of those memories include nursing babies on the sidelines, Fireball, speediness of our littles, Kelly and Julie.  Cindy's one play, take it right up the middle and score and  Cheryl's stories of Sweaty Crotch.  Oh there are so many more after 9 years of being a Chicks That Kick.

Our team never 'replaces' a player when they leave the team.  We simply 'add' a player.  Another newcomer that has different skills and other life experiences to share. And then we make more wonderful memories to share and laugh at.

It's the connecting and meeting of new women that I truly enjoy with our little team.  Well, this comes in at a close second to actually playing the game.  Best wishes to my past and present Chicks That Kick teammates!

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