Thursday, February 5, 2015

Four Going on Twelve

Wow, was I ever blasted by my little 4 year old spitfire, Peyton tonight.  I was in a bit of a rush, as per usual and I was tasked to quickly put on an episode of Barbie for the girls.  The TV wasn't co-operating with me, and in my impatience I told Peyton Netflix simply was not working.

Peytons hands reached out for the remote.  "Let me do it!  I'm 4 years old and know better than you how to make it work!"   I looked at her, or I should say glared at her and responded, "Fine, you do it!" with my own little snappiness. 

She takes the remotes and with a running commentary tells me exactly what she needs to do.  And Voila.  Barbie was on Netflix in only a few short moments.  A few thoughts went through my head.  Not totally polite of course.   I did just showed up by a four year old afterall.

 I have a very independant and bright girl on my hands and she knows way too much about electronics.  Could be a very good thing.  Or... I am in trouble:)

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