Thursday, February 12, 2015

Perfection On Family Day Weekend

It was one of those kind of Sunday's.  Started with a great message from Pastor Matt and quickly followed with an impromptu plan to get outdoors with the family for a hike up Lyndeman.  And even more impromptu, was the invite to a family we didn't even know to join us.  I have seen the Friesen family on a weekly basis sitting just in front of or behind us every Sunday. And knew they have only been in Chilliwack for the past six months.  So, why not share the wonders of our little hillsides. 

It was hard to say what was the most rewarding.  The workout I got packing up a 30 pound bundle of cuteness, getting to know a lot more about a new family or the intense beauty of the Lake once we reached our final destination.  It  was all very good for my body, mind and soul. 

Peyton made me very proud.  She walked up the trail all on her own for the first time.  She has always been lucky to get a ride in my pack.  But with the addition of Ava, her time has come to an end.  But... she was pretty determined that she was not going to walk down.  Not this time anyways.

So, as persuasive as Peyton is, she convinced me to take her down.  And Jeremy, who had the empty pack going up, know had a rider for his very first time.  Yes, first time.  I'm the one that enjoys the extra workout and happily take on the extra weight challenge:)

So, an amazing day we had.  And looking forward to many more!

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