Monday, October 6, 2014

A Hair Raising Moment

It's fall clean up time around here. Or at least the start of it.  No better time of year to clean out a pond top to bottom, getting rid of all that green slime that has accumulated because of all our glorious sunshine that we got to enjoy this summer.  

I was at it for a few afternoons.  With rubber gloves to my elbows and rubber boots up to my knees  I got to it.  With a whole bunch of patience with dealing with  green slime, leaping frogs and avoiding getting this dirty water all over me, I finally got it done.   I got to sit back and watch my shimmering little fish swimming around in perfectly clear water and feel good about a completed task.

Only one problem.  My pump just wouldn't work.  After a few moments I figured out that it wasn't the pump, but an issue with the electrical outlet.  So, off to the panel I went.  Found nothing wrong with the panel in my garage, so I moved on to the one in the office.

Aha!  I found a few switches in the off position and snapped them back on.  I did consider for a moment that maybe they were purposefully turned off due to the office renovation going on.  But... proceeded to click them on anyways, thinking to myself that a good electrician would double check the power supply before getting back to work. 

Monday, mid-day rolls around.  I was in the office at work and we heard a slight ZZZT and a slight flicker of power.  Hmm.  Coincidence, I thought.

A short while later, the electrician working on the office renovation comes downstairs.  I thought I would be really helpful and said, "Hey, I turned on some breakers on the weekend 'cause my pond pump wasn't working.  I hope that wasn't a problem."

Yikes.  Did I ever get the look!  He proceeded to lift a very black index finger in the air.  And says, 'Yep,  I just found out'.  Then he pulled out his pliers, which now has a strange hole through the medal and he said, "and now these are wrecked".  He walked over to the panel.  Flicked a few switches and went back to work upstairs.

And then... with a whole lot of feeling relief that only a plier got hurt, I could only fall over laughing!  Sorry Jeremy, I didn't mean it:)

Phew, I am feeling a lot lucky that no one got hurt.  But I can't help to chuckle a little every time I have a vision of Jeremy raising his black finger and saying, "I just found out".

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