Monday, October 20, 2014

A Muddy But Fun Affair

On a fairly regular basis I hear, "Can we ride the quad?"  And most of the time the answer is, "not right now, later".  I hear these come out of my mouth and Jeremy's so often.  Most often something else is more important or less of an inconvenience at the time.

As I have been working through the four quadrants of importance and urgency, I have been assessing where I have putting my priorities. Both in my business life and my personal life.  So,  yesterday when asked once again by my ever persistant children, I finally made the right decision first.  Putting aside my want to do's, need to do's and just simply saying, 'Yes we can'.

And what a blast it was.  We didn't even have to spend a bunch of time preparing for an afternoon away which was the best part.  We have enough mud and mountains to climb just across the street right now to provide a whole bunch of fun and mud.

Silke got her first atv'ing experience and couldn't get enough of it.  Mud didn't keep her away.  Neither did the bulldozer she managed to nearly crash into:)  Watching the joy of all the kiddos again reminded me that many things in life can wait.  This time in our life is quickly passing and moments like this are always worth the effort.  

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