Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thankful For Family And Memories Of The Past

The weather of Thanksgiving weekend certainly wasn't looking too promising.  The outlook was actually quite depressing sounding.  But, I had made a decision a few weeks earlier that we were going to go on our final camping trip of the season rain or shine.

So, Saturday morning we loaded up the essentials.  Many clothes, food, rain gear, muddy buddies and boots and off we drove to Camperland for what we were hoping would be a great time hanging out with our whole extended family.

Much of the weekend was spent building memories to treasure.  As well, much of the weekend was spent remembering about people and times past. We had many a conversation, reminder and laugh about 'Grandpa-isms'.  Those crazy things my Grandpa would say and do.  He had passed away almost five years ago already but he certainly will never be forgotten.

We also spent so much time reminiscing and sharing stories, love and laughter about Beth.  She has been our families most recent loss.  And camping together and cooking a huge Turkey dinner was all in her memory.  She had a great passion for her family.  She also had a love of camping.  And big meals, that was her specialty.   So, we did it all.  For her memory and for her families healing.  And it was great!

Fifty-six people made it for Thanksgiving dinner.  And wow was it ever fantastic.  Babies got passed around.  Children hung out together on the playground.  Young adults proved there skills drifting a 3 wheel bike.  Grandparents sat with grandchildren.  Some energetic adults even took part in a post dinner hike and a game of manhunter.  We all have so much to be thankful for and it was nice to share together some of those things all weekend long. 


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