Friday, September 26, 2014

Tennis Ball Adventure

It was such a beautiful evening and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it.  Learning the newer to me sport of tennis.  But of course when looking for some tennis balls, none were to be found.  With kids around it's seems like an impossible task.  No matter how hard I try to hide them, the kids still manage to make them disappear.

So, it was off to the store.  Now, I typically like to be efficient and well as keeping costs down, so I figured a stop at the nearest Dollar Store made good sense.  Voila.  A buck for 3 balls.  So, I picked up a couple packages and felt like I had scored.

Silke and I loaded up the kids, rackets and balls and headed off to a nearby court.  Excited to get out and exercise and improve my game.  Silke loves to play tennis so I was pretty happy to have someone who could actually return a serve to play against.

I got my self into serving position.  Did my thing which is to bounce the ball a few times before I make my serve.  Only... the ball didn't bounce back up more than 4 inches.  I tried it again.  Same result.  Then I thought, "maybe it's just this one ball," and tried the next one.  Only another 4 inches.

Wow, was I ever disappointed!   But, we decided not to let the nice evening go to waste and gave it a try with our un-bouncy balls.  It was a rather interesting evening of tennis. Another interesting thing was that not only did the balls barely bounce, after a few strong serves, the balls would also split in half!  Yikes.  Lesson learned on the purchase of tennis balls and the time to and not to shop at a Dollar Store.   Sometimes it simply does not pay to be efficient and cheap:)

Regardless of the terrible game of tennis it was still nice to be outside on these soon to be rare evenings.  And the kids loved to get out too.  So, making the best of playing with faulty tennis balls was still worth it.

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