Monday, September 1, 2014

Dinner Party At The Kruliki's

As always, our yearly day trip to visit Michael and Shirley Kruliki was absolutely wonderful. They are such a joy and such gracious hosts to our family.  Even with 2 more kids in our family, they weren't scared away from inviting us for an afternoon of socializing and dinner. 

Michael and Shirley are long time family friends of Jeremy's parents and Grandparents.  The are so full of energy and fun. We always look forward to taking an afternoon away from our campground in Osooyoos and make the drive up to their condo in Pentiction.  Of course our kids also enjoy taking a break from swimming in the lake to swimming in their nice, clear and clean pool:)

The kids were overjoyed to be served 'special drinks', including their own mustache straws.  As well as being served monster-sized meatballs and pasta.  They even were gifted really nice matching shirts, which of course I really liked as well. 

Facebook has definitely been a part of keeping us connected through the year, even though we only meet once a year.  I am able to keep up with Shirley's 1/2 marathon races, which makes me envious of her energy and drive!  I even get to keep up with her kids and grand kids through Facebook which also keeps our connections. Her daughter has a little Peyton as well.  They are only a few weeks apart, which makes comparing notes alot of fun.

Jeremy and I really treasure our visits with the Kruliki's.  Hopefully we didn't wear them out too much, and we get another invite next year, 2015 :)

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