Friday, August 15, 2014

Wine and Dine or Tent Dilemna

It was not the simplest of decisions to make.  My choice was to hotel, wine and dine with a group of lovely ladies in the Okanagan or tent and eat campfire food with friends in the BC Interior with my kids and without Jeremy.    I did go back and forth for a few weeks before finally making the right choice and continue the camping at Kentucky Lake yearly tradition.  

Early in the morning I got myself up and loaded up the Acadia with all our gear.  There was barely an any room for my four kids and myself!  Yes, we are all here in amongst all the stuff:)  I was in machine mode and we got out on the road within one hour of getting up.  All the kids had enough to keep them amused for the ride and off we were on our great adventure.

Two hours later, we arrived at one of the most beautiful campgrounds in BC, and made quick work to set up camp.  My little helpers Peyton and Ava were wonderful little tent building helpers while Cayden and Jonah were out the door and quickly and on the trails.

The weather was amazing and so was the company.  I spent a little time relaxing, but mostly was on the go keeping up the the energy and spirit of the littles.  Travelling the beautiful trails, biking the loop, swimming in the beautiful blue waters, fishing and so much more. 

The kids slept great, I did not.  Sharing a double airbed with Jonah was not so wonderful.  Thankfully we brought an extra air bed cause the other two went flat!   I would have not only not slept well, but ended up crippled.  One thing for certain is that with age, a comfortable bed becomes even more important. 

One of my favorite moments was taking the three youngest fishing.  We took our borrowed fishing rod that was both bait-less and weight-less and hung around at the kids fishing lake.  Yes, I intended to not catch any fish, hence no weights or bait.  But the kids never figured it out.  My secret:)  After seeing the diligence and patience of Jonah and Peyton, I will need to change my strategy next time so that they have a chance at actually reeling something in other that a stray weed.

While I was fishing, Cayden, Ben, Tim, Josh and Sheldon all went on a 'man' walk with Jess.  They went on an adventure to learn how to use their pocket knives safely, rock jump into the lake and other stuff that guys do.  It was great to see them all come back, hours later, with walking sticks in hand ready for some carving.  

So, the choice was most definitely difficult, but my kids are grateful that Kentucky Lake won.  Looking forward to next year already, and with Jeremy, and our trailer!  Tenting was fun.  A great adventure.  But now it's "been there, done that". 

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