Saturday, August 9, 2014

Branching Through Generations

After two fun-filled days full of family and fun, it was finally time to say good-night.  And on most nights, that includes a little bedtime prayer.  So, what did Peyton's prayer sound like?

"Dear God.  Thanks for the swimming pool.  Thanks for my new friend Peyton.  Thanks for the fun time jumping on the 'jumpoline'.  Thanks for my best friend Peyton.  Oh, and thanks for the bouncy castle.  Hmm... Thanks for the food. Amen."  (Yes, she prayed for her new friend Peyton a few times:)

Yes, we have so much to be thankful for.  And all those things that Peyton prayed for were something to feel blessed to have.  But really, that does not come close to all of what we are thankful for.

Today marked our long-standing tradition of Stam Family reunions.  And wow has this family tree grown!  Those little kids of long ago are marrying and having children.  The 'baby' in the family of Aunt's has just turned 70.  And the eldest of the Uncle's is celebrating 88.  There is much to be thankful for when I see how this family continues to gather and celebrate each other.

Some of the fun of the days included Uncle John getting all of our attention for a great story of love.  Lots of swimming, jumping, bouncing, relay games and of course lots of great food.  Jonah's favorite was the pig that was roasting all day for our amazing dinner.  We celebrated birthdays with singing and cake.  And challenged each other with a nail driving contest that drew quite the crowd of cheering supporters and competitors.

Our kids were awesome!  So fun to watch as they had fun with cousins they only see every year or two. They all made me proud to be their mom.  Ava charmed everyone in the crowd with her ability to dance on demand as well as her consistent little smirk.  Jonah did his best to try to fit in.  It wasn't too hard to do considering his favourite things, food and swimming were all part of the fun. 

So my prayer is.  "Dear God.  Thanks for the blessings of family.  Thanks for our health.  Thanks for all those wonderful things in life we have. Amen"

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