Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brae Island Adventure

Our first family camping trip as a family of six was well spent at the beautiful and family friendly campground in Fort Langley.  Nice and close to home, and against the flow of all those others heading out of the Fraser Valley for their own camping trip adventures.

The weather was so perfect.  Hot and Sunny, just like I like it.  With a nice pool, a little green, nearby as well as the Bedford Channel running beside, we had no problem keeping cool.  Interestingly, a trip to the Channel was not favoured by the kids.  But once we got down to the waters edge, brown water or not, they sure enjoyed running down the sandy hill and jumping in.  It took allot of convincing to round them up so we could get onto our next adventure:)

The highlight for Jonah was learning to ride a bike!  With not too many wipeouts, thank goodness, to avoid the tears and need for constant first aid.  Peyton also loved biking the loop and both of these guys rarely took a break from riding round and round. With the odd stop at Mr. Ray's to rest and have a friendly chat.

We had enjoyed a great catch-up visit with Aunty Kathy and Uncle Bill who were happy to meet our newest family members.  They even brought a fantastic little gift for each of our kids for which we were very grateful.  Now each kid is sporting a great water bottle with their favourite characters, and they even keep water cold for more than a few minutes.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

A nice walk into Fort Langley for a change of scenery was welcome by all.  The best part of course was a stop at the diner for an ice-cream treat for all.  Fort Langley is so beautiful.  I am looking forward to returning in the near future, without kids for an even more leisurely stroll as well as a stop for brunch at the ever popular restaurant, Wendel's Bookstore and Cafe.  I also look forward to browsing a few of the antique stores just for fun.

Such a wonderful weekend!  And we certainly are looking to many more memory making trips as a family to cherish forever. 

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