Monday, October 14, 2013

A Day At The Zoo

For years the kids have asked for a trip to the Zoo, but there is always 'somewhere' else to be or 'something' else to do.  I am so thankful to Anna for suggesting that this fine October day would be a great day to go to the Zoo.

The morning started with some cloudy skies, but rain seemed unlikely.  And in fact, the rain did stay away and the clouds disappeared as well.  Nothing but sunny skies and nearly 20 degree temperatures.  Now that's a fine day to be outside wandering for hours oohing and ahhing at all those magnificent creatures God created.

One of our favorite things we saw were the chickens.  Of all things, the chickens.  Now, they were not 'ordinary' chickens.  They were fancy and fun to watch.  Some looked like punk rockers and some looked fit for the palace.   Next came the giraffe.  We got to see her at snack time, mowing down a full tree.   The zebras and lions of course were also amazing, as were so many other great animals.

One of the funniest things to see wasn't the animals, but Peyton, pushing a 'tired' Cayden:)  What a great little sister.  We all had such a great day together building memories of time together in the great outdoors.  

PS: We didn't crop Jeremy out:)  He was missing the action in BC but enjoying the wedding action of Kevin in Ontario.

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