Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Breakfast Denbow Style

The weather today couldn’t have been any better for our fourth annual Denbow Family Christmas Breakfast.  It was sure cold, but the sun was shining which always helps brighten our day.

We had a record breaking amount of people joining us for the yearly tradition. 84 men, women and children in total. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that draws the families from their homes so early on a Saturday morning to take part in a company event.

Is it the promise of the usual delicious buffet, full of fantastic choices?  The games that I plan?  The employee Christmas bonus that gets handed out?  The chocolate the significant others always go home with?  Or the present that all the kids receive?

Maybe it’s simply just getting together with the Denbow Family.  Whatever it is, I sure appreciate seeing all the laughter and joy I see on everyone as they leave with their bellies full and gifts in hand.  I eagerly look forward to planning it all over again next year.

Cheers to hopefully many more mornings like it!


2012 Denbow Christmas (49)

2012 Denbow Christmas (67)


2012 Denbow Christmas (88)



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