Friday, December 28, 2012

Take A Picture of Me!

For the first two years of Peyton's life, she has been an uncooperative model.  Whenever I attempted to take pictures, she quickly managed to look away, sad or angry.  It was a rare moment that I was actually able to capture a good picture.  It annoys me to no end, because I just love ‘perfect pictures’, but simply had to be satisfied with whatever I could manage.
It seems that the times of camera avoidance may be coming to an end.  I find that Peyton is actually starting to pose for pictures.  But only for moment.  That moment probably feels like forever for a two year old though.
Peyton got ahold of some stickers and attached them in a few random places.  Including the middle of her forehead.  I was taking some pictures, and she said,  “Take a picture of me!”
Shocked, I quickly turned to take pictures of her, only to have her run away once again. But… too my surprise, she ran to the tree and stood in front of it.  Then said, “Take a picture of me here!”  Of course I took the moment.  Didn’t get a very good picture with my iphone, but it was a picture nonetheless that she requested.  I feel that the future of good pictures is on the horizon:)

What a cute kid if I must say so myself!
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