Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Little Word Of Mine

I have been working on establishing goals for the year 2012.  The goals I am working on affect three aspects of my life. Mind, body and soul. 

So far I have established the specific goals relating to my body. I am proud to say that I have been successful thus far. I have been training for the 10 km runs in my awesome new shoes.  Consuming much more water and less coffee. And incorporating more veggies and fruit into my day.

I look forward to writing about the goals that I have set relating to my mind and soul.  But for now, I want to write about “This Little Word of Mine”


If applied: It is this word that is going to help me succeed at living out my goals.  The word is… Discipline.

Discipline can be defined as the ability to motivate oneself in spite of a negative emotional state. Qualities associated with discipline include willpower, hard work, and persistence.


This is gonna be a great year!


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