Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First 2012 Resolution-Health

One stage of my personal transformation for the year 2012 involves many aspects of health.  From healthy eating,  more water, and an  increase in physical fitness.  With discipline, I will face and challenge myself in all my goals.

This is fairly broad I know. But I do have some pretty specific and attainable goals for the year.

The goal that appears the easiest is drinking more water.  Should be easy, but won’t be for me.  Drinking lots of coffee and almost no water is an everyday occurrence for me, so this goal will be challenging.

My new rule is that for every cup of coffee I want to drink.  I must drink two glasses of water.  Whew,  thinking that I may need to move my office nearer to the bathroom:) Glass-Coffee-Set

Another goal involves healthy eating.  I am most certainly not the most unhealthy eater, but really could handle eating more fruits and veggies and a few less sweet treats.  So, I’m going to have my daily checklist include some extra portions of these.

I now start the day with an apple first thing in the morning.    My rule created for myself will be that in order to have my favorite lunch, toast topped with some heavenly jam, I will have had to eat my veggies.  Wow.  Now I know firsthand how my son feels with the rules I make for him. 


Physical fitness is probably one of the highest priorities for me.  I have been enjoying playing on some women's hockey and soccer teams this past year, but have been limited in my success in both by my fitness level.  I want to be able to run up and down the field with speed and finesse and without hacking and wheezing after a play.

In order to tackle this goal, I have entered the 10km run in the race “Run For Water” in May.  I figure that since I have to pay to register for the race, I’m going to want to get my money’s worth by actually competing in it.  I will also be kept motivated by my cousin who is also running the race. 


Though 2012 is very young, I have faced each day with discipline, but without perfection.  I am human, after all.


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